Sardar bozorg cistern of Qazvin

Sardar Bozorg Cistern

Sardar bozorg cistern of Qazvin

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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive and historical sites of Qazvin is Sardar Bozorg cistern that dates back to 19th century. It’s been built by a local charity back then in order to maintain the water for cold winter.

In fact, creating and inventing this sort of massive structure back in ancient days, has been one of the most important activities of human. Especially this massive structure enables them to store water for a long term.

The structure of all cisterns is similar across the country and all of them has a huge tank of water, stairs to reach the base, dome and wind-catchers in order to keep cooling inside and avoid from any infection that may impact lives of local people.  This domed hall has some tiny wholes on it for lit up too. Traditionally, before rainy season, people were of the opinion that, tank of this cistern has to be washed out and this is the reason there a entrance, stairs that lead us toward the base of it.

Another point we can make is about the decoration of ceiling that is well maintained, however, they used local material such as wattle & daub but were struggling to shape it a bit different for beauty. It’s been mentioned the capacity of this tank is about 3000 sq3.  

Saradar bozorg cistern of Qazvin
courtyard view
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