Se Gonbad

Seh Gonbad of Urmia

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Let’s get acquainted with one of the most beautiful spots of Urmia. Three Domed Tower, also known as Se-Gonbad has been built in 12th century AD in southeastern side of city as an historical site from Seljuk period.

About history of this building, Several stories have been mentioned, however, it seems there are not such enough evidence to prove those but many people are of the opinion that this monument has been built above the ancient fire temple of Sassanid. Another common story is there were of towers in the past that two of were gone and this is the reason to be called Three Domed Towers.

The fact is, the building has been built in 12th century AD and had to be as a mausoleum of Seljuk monarch who was named Sheys Qa’ate Mozafari because of having few calligraphies on façade which proves this monument has been built in Moharam of 580 AH. Although there is no tomb stone in such a monument people strongly believe this has been related to Monarchs.

In terms of architecture it looks like other monuments of Seljuk such as those that are in Maraghe or other Central Asian countries but the only difference is it has been divided into 2 floors of cellar and main hall. Unfortunately internal design has been damaged sharply and there are only three little calligraphies preserved.

As a travel consultant we would highly recommend to take a look at this spot in a walking tour because this spot is very close to Bazaar and Friday mosque. Apparently visiting this historical site would not take that much time but relatively recently it has been used a Stone Museum too because of persevering several stones from different locations and periods.

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