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Seymareh Ancient City

Seymareh Ancient City

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Ancient city of Seymareh is one of places where everyone is interested in knowing more about history of ancient days. Currently it has become an archaeological site and several hills are excavated.

This city is located in southern flank of Ilam, at the north of Kabir kouh and it dates back to very ancient days of Persia particularly to Elamite Dynasty. Many archaeologists are of the opinion that this is Madaktu ancient city that its name turned to be Mehregan Gadak and later on to Seymareh.

It’s been always an important topic for several scientists and archaeologists in order to find out how many people used to live in such city, or even what the culture was. What it’s been found until recently is, the same as other ancient cities, it’s been built in 2-round shapes that consists over than 5000 houses in different sizes.

The earliest discovery dates back to 19th century by Mr. Henry Rawlinson who was known as orientalist and as the father of Asyriology. Most of his discovery dates back to Sassanian dynasty, however, others believe it was older than that and apparently, it’s become non-residential from a millennium BCE.

Back & forth many studies have been done, until 20 years ago that Iranian archaeologists were struggling to find out whether this ancient city was destroyed by a large earthquake or other agents. Their answer was yes, it was based on movement of tectonic plates. They were exposed to over than 200 ruins of constructions that are mostly Sassanid.  

Ruins of an ancient Construction
Long Shot view of City

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