Shahr-e Yeri

Shahr-e Yeri Ardabil

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Shahr-e Yeri is one of the most ancient sites of Iran that is located in east of Ardabil in Arjaq county. The discovered area is about 400 Hectares including three different districts such as military base, temples and Qusha Teppe which has been used a residential.

There are several stories about this area but most of archaeologist are of the opinion that areas of fortress and temple are the oldest part of this region and dates back to 4 million BCE.

This region has about 280 stones that are all carved in different shapes and locals strongly believe all of these items refer to bronze age. most of these stones have the same measurements such as 70 cm up to 360 cm height. It’s interesting that all figures look like human and many people from old time tried to preserve different stories except one of them that looks like a woman with opened mouth.  `

There are several places in middle east that have this kind of carving on stones such as Qare suu or Lahroud. people would think this land might have been used by Urartu heritage back in thousands years ago. Although it has a great potential for archaeological tours lack of preservation management caused them to be ruined by storm in 2011.

As travel consultant we would highly recommend to take a day trip from Ardabil in order to visit this ancient site and you can reach that by public transport as well.

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