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Sheikh Heidar Tomb – Persia Traveling Center

Sheikh Heidar Tomb

Sheikh Heidar tomb

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There is no doubt that visiting Sheikh Heidar Mausoleum is one of the highlights of traveling to Ardabil province. The importance of this mausoleum is, because he was the father of Shah Esmaeil who founded Safavid dynasty.

While you travel to Ardabil, there are lots of things to do in this region and one of the most important activities to do is, visiting tomb of Sheikh Heidar which is located inside a garden in the old cemetery of Meshgin Shahr at the heart of the city.

Currently, new cemetery and old tower is separated and it’s going to be well renovated by local artists. The height of mausoleum is about 18 m that are all made out baked break and shaped dodecagonal on the inside. There is only one gate for this two which is in the northern face and just right at the bottom of that, there is little basement that made several local stories.

As it is the common structure of other tombs, people are of the opinion that this basement holds the tomb of Sheikh Heydar. Although most of the external decoration of the tower is gone, still some mosaics and turquoise tilework with geometric shapes are well preserved aside from having different verses of Quran in different calligraphies.

Another story is it was domed hall tower and was made out of gold and unfortunately, it’s been robed by invasion of Russians in 19th century. As travel consultants, we will highly recommend putting Meshgin Shahr in your bucket list in order to visit unique spots such as Sheikh Heidar Tower.

Sheikh Heidar of Meshginshahr

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