Sheikh Safi mausoleum- ardanil tours

Sheikh Safi Mausoleum

Sheikh Safi mausoleum- ardanil tours

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There’s no doubt that one of the most impressive historical sites of ardabil is, Sheikh Safi Mausoleum that is registered as a world heritage.

It supposed to be only mausoleum of him but later on, turned to be the family cemetery of Sheikh Safi and his relatives aside from safavid monarchs such as Shah Esmaeil (Founder of this dynasty) and his mother as well as other royal staff who were murdered in Chaldoran war.

He’s buried in his property as he willed to be In a tiny room nearby his garden. It’s well noted that his son Sadr-o-din Mousa, ordered to change structure of this mausoleum in order to have a burial place for monarchs and  other sufis.

In safavid dynasty, this complex was expanded 5o several buildings because of sincere to this Sufi and most of people buried to be here. Especially, during Shah Abbas 1st, hired several artists who worked in SQ of esfahan to work here too and make it very luxury.

Especially wallpapers were pasted on walls of his tomb, golden papers were used on ceiling and some were melted in colors to got painted. Another point that we can make is, its tiles work and mosaics that are finely done as well as stucco.

They are willing to use inlaid working instead of tomb stone and this could have been the reason many artists be from Isfahan such as Mir Emad, MirbQavam, Mohamad esmaeil.

During wars between Iran and Russia in 19th century, most of original books got robbed by Russians as they are displayed in Saint peters burg museum.

It’s located in Aali Qapu area and its facade are well tiled and mosaic-ed until early 20th century that were all replaced by cultural heritage Center in order to save them better. These tiles and mosaics had been built by shah Abbas 2nd.

By passing the old gate you will arrive to a beautiful garden that leads you toward its mausoleum which is located in another courtyard. This courtyard has been well decorated by stones at the foot of the wall, tiles and mosaics as well as inlaids on sashes.

Main structure is round shaped and accessible from a corridor. The most valuable piece of art in this complex is done in the main hall of tomb especially on ceiling of it.

Another hall of this complex is, chini khane where it supposed to be the gallery of kings to display items and gifts from China or elsewhere. This decoration is similar to Aali Qapu palace of Esfahan as most of the shapes are similar to Persian music instruments.

It’s well noted that one of the priceless items for this museum was a Ardabil carpet that is kept currently in Victoria museum of London. One of the most technical job has done in this complex is, building this tomb of Sheikh Safi 7 m above the ground as it was a water channel underneath.

Jannat Sara:
In the main Court yard of this complex there is a hall that looked like a mosque but there is no mihrab in this place . This is the reason many people are of the opinion that this was a place where Sufi was taught his followers.

Originally, it was a domed hall but because of wars in 19th century, that was ruined and replaced with this flat roof that are on 16 pillars.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this marvelous site for half a day in order to visit all details of it with in sufficient time.

Beautiful decoration of Sheikh Safi Mausoleum
Inside the main hall
Sheikh Safi Mausoleum, courtyard

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