Shevi Fall

Shevi fall of Dezful

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Are you interested in joining a trekking tour while you are in Dezful? Why not transferring to Shevi Waterfall that is one of largest falls of Iran in vicinity of Shahioun county.

Shevi fall is one of the highest falls of Iran in Defzul, however, locals strongly believe this fall is the highest one in middle east with approximately 85 m height and has to be well promoted in order to bring more foreign tourists to this location as well. It is well noted that yearly, several domestic tourists would come visiting this location particularly in new year eve holiday.

This is located about 100 km away in the north of Dezful and travelers may need o get transferred from Defzul to the beginning of the Shahioun village and start trekking from this spot. This location is the home of adventurous travelers and for reaching this fall, we need to pass forests and mountains for about 2 hours.

What makes this fall very especial is, the water supply of this fall which is in a huge cave and falls down from 85 m hieght and in about 70 m width. The water goes through the forest and will end in the mouth of Dez river. In regards with plantation of this fall, we would like to describe it as a piece of heaven in terms of having several types of plants and flowers such as willow trees, figs, maple tree, oaks, etc.

Another point we can make is, in rainy season water will flood over and will make another fall too, that many Iranians call is 2nd Shevi Fall. As travel consultants, we would highly recommend taking this trekking tour in your free day from city tours in order to visit beauties of this fabulous spot.

Shevi waterfall of Dezful
Long shot view

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