Shiraz Garden Tour

Delgosha garden of Shiraz garden tour, Iran cultural trip, Iran in 10 days

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Shiraz has always been a fascinating city for monarchs, kings and even ordinary people to travel in terms of having several historical buildings, beautiful architectures, mountains and delicious cuisines. Aside from those its amazing people that are known as the most hospitable & friendliest people of Iran.

What makes traveling to Shiraz very especial is its gardens that are excellent examples of ancient Persian gardens. People are of the opinion that Shiraz was the city of gardens and poetry and apparently this could have been the reason that Shiraz was named as the city of Secrets.

We would highly recommend everyone to take a Shiraz Garden Tour while they visit Shiraz to get acquainted with its style that comes from ancient days of Persia in half a day tour. This city tour contains visiting Eram garden that dates back to Seljuk that ruled Iran in 12th century CE and has been registered as a world heritage site in 2011, Afif Abad Garden that dates back to Safavid and has become a museum of swords of kings as well as sofas, Delgosha garden & Naranjestan garden that date back to Qajar period and have been taken by Shiraz university back in 20th century.

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