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Shiraz, the city of secret, city of poetry and gardens.
Shiraz is one of the major touristy cities of Iran with lots of historical attractions that fascinates people to visit in spring and autumn every year. Shiraz History dates back to Persian Empire that has been used as a country side of Parse City because of its geographical location, pleasant weather and gardens. Therefore most of locals today call Shiraz as one of the oldest cities of Iran, however, there are some evidences and documentaries in southeast of city which is called Sa’di region that confirms their declare.

There are not too much information about Shiraz history since Alexander invaded great Persia but in early 220 AD, Shiraz has again become the center of attentions by Sassanian monarchs that built palaces and gardens in Shiraz. Of course their main capital of Empire was in Ctesiphon (nearby Baghdad today) but they meant to have a charming spot on the way as well.

After Islam came through Persia, all over the ancient Empire was ruled by local governments under authory of Abbasi Caliphs in Iraq or Saudi. There are not that much information in history of Shiraz back to 12th AD for few hundreds of years however the golden age of Shiraz dates back again in Zand Dynasty and it became a hub again in terms of education, Sciences, Poetry, Gardening, etc. 

In 13th and 14th centuries also Shiraz was a great spot for dervishes to study about Sufism and it became a descent place for everyone to come and practice. It was quite amazing for ordinary people and even poets to convert and made lots of followers.

Gardening and poetry were elements of Shirazi attitude and apparently this was the reason, most of well-known poets of Iran started from Shiraz such as Sa’adi, Hafez and Shourideh or even Shiraz was very attractive for rulers of the other part of country to visit. Even earlier than these genius artists, Sibouyeh, also known as Sang-e Siah was a great person in Persian-Arabic literature who made all the grammars of Spoken Farsi back to 8th AD. 

Now what we would suggest you to do is, staying for few days in Shiraz to visit historical buildings, gardens and wonderful mosques or having day trips to world heritage sites such as Persepolis, Firooz Abad and Bishapour ancient city would be interesting. Apart from those absolutely wonderful places, you need to meet locals how friendly they are that makes you very fascinated, struggling to meet their attitude and hospitality.

One of the most important items of traveling to any destination is foods variation and how to serve them. It is well noted that Shirazi citizens prefer to have outdoor food by going to restaurants almost everyday that are very popular restaurants among all Iranians. One of the main typical dishes of Shiraz is Kamal Polo that apparently is available in most of local restaurants for lunch.

It is well noted that Shiraz and all surrounding cities have their own types of desserts as they are all available in Shiraz in markets as well as restaurants. One of the famous ones if Faloudeh that locals are of the opinion that this has to be tested in old bazaar of Shiraz in order to test the premium quality. Another type of dessert is Halva which can be seen in different places of city.
Probably people would ask themselves what to drink in Shiraz? as it has a decent reputation in history! We would like to recommend everyone to try Sekanjebin which is typically Shirazi drink and is quite refresing in summer time. This can be found in cafes in every single corner.

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