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Shirz Canyon

Shirz canyon of loristan

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Traveling to Loristan makes everyone feel blessed by going through an untouched nature, where it consists several waterfalls, rivers, forests that has been hidden for several years and only locals venture to these spots. When it comes to having absolutely a wonderful journey, Khazineh Canyon and Shirz are known as the highlight of this province.

Shirz is one of the largest valleys/canyons of Iran with approximately 5 km along the route of Godar village till Seymareh river in Ilam province. It’s well noted that, Shirz canyon just get started from village, for about 5km and at rhea beginning of the route, the height of walls is about 10m and it’s increasing sharply to 150m.

In another way, here is the home of geologists as they have found documents to prove this canyon has been made naturally from third geological period.  They will be also facing to very unique types of stones and ages that are colored by rained over the thousands of years.

How to reach:
yearly several domestic tourists visit this location either on their own or group tours as it does not need to be fit such as Kalmakareh cave. It’s interesting to know this canyon is at the edge of three different provinces, Kermanshah, Loristan and Ilam where you need to transfer about 55 km from Khoram-abad toward Pol-e Dokhtar county and start your trek from Godar village.

What makes trekking in this canyon, amazing is being exposed to its unique plantation despite its stones as well as waterfall, springs, etc.

Shirz canyon of Loristan
long shot view to the valley
Shirz canyon of Loristan


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