Shishdar Forest

Shishdar forest of Ilam

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Ilam is known as the home of adventure travelers as there are several possibilities for trekking, hiking, sightseeing, etc. One of the main activities to do is, trekking at the foot of Ghalaghiran where it is called Shishdar forest.

It’s located about few km along the road of Kermanshah, and yearly several domestic tourists will go visiting there. Traveling to ilam enables everyone enjoying every moment of this trip, especially when it comes to having an active tour, shishdar is one of the top ranked activity to recommend.

This is because of having a great greenery and untouched nature that makes everyone feel blessed. In another way many people are of the opinion that this location is a piece of heaven on earth. Shishdar (locally called Sheshdar) translated into density forest.

This trekking tour enables everyone visiting extraordinary landscape of Ilam and oaks trees, despite its wonderful wildlife. Another point we can make is, having a hiking activity as this location is in the same region as Ghalaghiran mountain.

It can be a nice combination for those who are in love with nature or even those who are interested in photography. Especially those who love autumn, this location will be an ideal location for them.

Shishdar forest of Ilam,
long shot view

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