Shourabil lake

Shourabil lake of Ardabil

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There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful spots in Ardabil is Shourabil lake which is one of the oldest ones in northeast of Iran or even in Eurasia region.

It’s been located in the south of city as a upscale part of the city and brings the attention of several domestic and foreign tourists yearly because of two reasons; Firstly it is a kind of lake that has been made by salty mineral water over the centuries and locals are of the opinion that it dates back to one millennium BCE. It’s very impressive because of its scale that is about 640000 square meters.

Secondly the other facilities that are provided by local mayor in order to make the place more attractive pleasant for travelers such as play ground, bikes, cruise ships. It’s well noted that locals would come to visit this lake almost everyday especially in summer that they prefer to have picnick nearby the lake.

As travel consultant we would highly recommend putting this spot in your bucket list while you stay in Ardabil especially in the afternoon that several young people and students of Tabriz university would go to just chill out.

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