Siraf Harbor

Siaf front view

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One of the oldest harbors of Iran is Siraf harbor which dates back to Parthian dynasty back in 2200 years ago. It is well noted that this harbor was playing an important role in trading to Asia while everyone was taking Silk Route.

According to Iran’s history original inhabitants of this region were Jews including merchants, however, after Islam came through Persia, they were forced to convert. Later on they changed the name of harbor to Tahiri which is translated into Pure in order to confirm they were purified because Muslims believed in, they were ritually impure. This name was existed until 2008 that after several archaeological study, the name of harbor was changed back to Siraf.

One of the most exciting topics of study about this harbor was about finding items form other civilizations such as Africa, India, Lapis as well as Afghanistan, however, Archaeologists have found items from Parthians which indicated this harbor has been used by Aspa Mithra II who was the founder of Silk Route as a trading spot. Apart from that there is an old mosque which dates back to Atabakan dynasty that is nearby the ancient Sassanid city. It seems it had not lost it importance even when people converted to Islam and it has been used as an important trading center until few centuries ago.

There are few wonderful places to visit in such a tiny harbor such as Old castle, Ancient city, Friday mosque as well as ancient cliff beach that has been destroyed and flooded over the time. People would like to go snorkeling in order to get acquainted with buried ancient city. It is very well known for its corals and it is available to visit.   

Ordinary people are quite well known for making delicious foods that everyone loves to try such as Fish Stew, Lalak and fried fishes that are fresh from Persian Gulf. You can this food in every single corner.

Unfortunately there is not any hotel in such a city and people would rather to accommodate in home stays and get acquainted with local culture.

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