Tabatabaei Mansion

Tabatabaei Mansion of Kashan

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One of the most beautiful historical sites of Kashan is the Tabatabaei mansion in Amir Ahmad old district. This one was owned by one of the priests of kashan who was Mr. Tabatabaee and lived back in 19th century.

The Architect and designer of this house was Mr. Ali Maryam as he has designed and built several buildings such as Boroujerdi Mansion, Amin-o-dolleh caravansary, etc. Upon arrival in this mansion you will be exposed to a huge courtyard with several stucco pattern on walls.

It’s well noted that all these patterns and paintings have been done by one of the most well-known artist family of Iran. Mr. Sani’ol Molk who was the uncle of Kamal-ul-molk. Structure of this house is quite amazing as this house is vast and has 5 courtyards.

Four of them were used by family for different seasons and the biggest was used for meeting of owner and his guests from other cities. The largest room of this mansion is called Shah-neshin”.

Traditionally, all family and relatives lived together in such a mansion and apparently one room belonged to one family. This house has several gates in different directions for different people. Family used the main door, gate of servants and staff was different than gate of guests.

Having different colored glassed on windows was one of the most popular items in Iranian architecture, especially in old mansions of Qajar. Enhance, this colored glass will avoid the house from any insects and even makes it cooler.

All parts of this mansion are Qanat, kitchen, stable, storage of food and drinks as well as forty rooms. Having Godal Baghche structure is a method that enabled artists decorating the house better than common houses in other cities. There are 4 reasons for using this method:

  1. Using local material for building the house.
  2. Being closer to Qanat in order to access better the water
  3. Keeping the privacy of the house.
  4. Making the house cooler in summer.

Aside from all of these beauties, there is love story between the daughter of Mr. Tabatabaee and the son of Mr. Boroujerdi. The girl’s dad mentioned he had raised up his daughter in a luxury house and expected his son in law to make such a luxury house for his girl. Let’s

As travel consultants we will highly recommend visiting Kashan and all of these mansions in the morning in order to have sufficient time and enjoy moving from any room to one another.

Tabatabeei Mansion of Kashan
Courtyard of the Mansion

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