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Tabi’at Bridge – Persia Traveling Center

Tabi’at Bridge

Tabi'at bridge of Tehran

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There is no doubt that one of the most well-known spots for young people in north of Tehran is Tabi’at Bridge that has been built over the last decade. People would always like to see wonderful places while they travel to any destination especially in Iran, all tourists enjoy visiting those places that locals go.

One of the most impressive places to visit in northern Tehran is, Tabi’at Bridge that has been built over the last decade by local engineers on three different highways in order to make a place where local families gather at one place and have fun.
This spot is specialized for having park, theatre hall, food courts as well as amusement park for kids.
What makes visiting this location get especial is, having a wonderful view of Damavand peak .

Our Aussie Travelers enjoyed visiting this location with our guide @rezamsvi

They have been traveling in Iran for 16 days and decided to visit Tehran at the end of their journey. Although Tehran is similar to other capitals at some points, still has its beauties for foreign tourists.

In fact, we will highly recommend putting this location in your bucket list as there is a huge chance of meeting locals and interacting with them.

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