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Tabriz Bazaar

Eli Goli lake house Tabriz, Iran in four seasons

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Are you looking for taking excellent shots of architectures and landscapes in Iran? Let’s get acquainted with Tabriz Bazaar that is consisted in our seasonal photogtaphy_tour.

This trip enables everyone visiting remarkable sites and architectures or even public hubs that represents lifestyle of ordinary people in every single corner such as Bazaars, Mosques, parks, etc.

One of the most beautiful cities to visit is, Tabriz that has been the capital of Persia back in 14th century. Most of the monuments are from this era with its particular design. When it comes to architecture, there are several places to discover such traditional Tabriz bazaar that is known also as the longest bazaar of middle-east.

Another point that we can discuss about that is, its alleys that are all covered for different careers and professions. Originally there were several separated stores that have been located one after each other but in 14th century, they were all unified in one category.

Nowadays, this spot is one of the most well rated spots of Tabriz for travelers, especially its carpet caravansary brings the attention of every single traveler to itself. It’s been registered as a world heritage site in 2010.

Its caravansaries and shops are amazingly picturesque and colorful. There is also another reason to visit this spot, because it’s been located in vicinity of other historical sites such as Friday Mosque, Constitution House, Churches, Museums, etc.

Please kindly refer to the link below in order to get full detail of this trip.

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