Tabriz Jame Mosque

Jame Mosque of tabriz

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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive historical sites of Tabriz is Friday mosque (locally called Jame mosque) where is it located in vicinity of grand bazaar.

It’s worth visiting this mosque mostly because of its praying hall that is very well known for its tiles work on facade, brick work and stucco of mihrab.
Originally this mosque dates back to seljuk era but during ilkhanid, the first Mongolian dynasty in Iran it’s been renovated and exapnded.

There were few differences in its structure of the mosque in comparison with other mosques in other cities. structure consists few praying room as well as a domed hall but there was no courtyard due to cold winter.

Unfortunately, in mid 18th century this mosque was damaged by earthquake the same as other historical buildings and only entrance gate and one of the praying rooms left.

In late 19th century, by qajari monarchs, it was restored, however, most of its rooms were not existed anymore.It’s well noted that in most of the structure of the mosque is a common copy of Sassanid palace that has two porticos (locally called iwans).

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