Kalam Polo

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There is now doubt that one of the most delicious Persian cuisines is, Kalam Polow that is translated into English translation, riced cabbage, however, there are more ingredients in this food. It’s well noted that this food is originally from shiraz, but it’s been cooked in different ways in another cities. By this recipe you are going to learn how to cook this food at home in Shirazi method.


Here is the list of ingredients for 5 pax:

White rice 4 cups
Special mixed of herbs for Kalampolow 300 gr
Cabbage 1 medium sized 
Minced meat 250 gr
Chickpea flour 250 gr
Onion 1 medium sized
Lemon 1 tps

At the beginning we have to soak 4 cups of rice in salty water for an hour. Later on, all cabbages have to be shredded in length sized as well as chopping all herbs and onion. Put the pan with on medium heat with olive oil and add shredded cabbages and stir it up and cook it for 10 minutes when it gets softened. Then we can add salt, 7 colored spice and lemon that it gets softened more and get golden.

While we are chopping all these items, we can boil up water in a regular pot. We also can make meat balls that is exciting part of this program for everyone. What we suggest is, to grate the onion and mixed this up with minced meat. Then we slightly add chickpea flour in it. Please note this mixed has to be softened and we can add water into this mixed as well as salt, turmeric and then start making meat ball.

When water is boiled up, we will put the rice in to cook for 10 minutes and then we can add all mixed of herbs and turmeric and let it get cooked for few more minutes. Then we have to drain the rice in a colander under running water.

Then we have to put some olive oil at the bottom of put as well as cabbage leaves to avoid burning directly. Afterwards we start putting softened cabbage and rice in different layers into the pot. Please note that the beginning the fire has to be high for 5 minutes until it starts brewing, then we can bring it down for about 15 minutes.

While it’s brewing, we fry up meat ball and we add put this into the pot and let it get cooked with other stuff for 35 minutes. Enjoy this delicious food.

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