Ardeshir Palace of Firuz Abad, sassanian tour

Firuzabad or city of Gōr, Also known as Ardashir-Khwarrah, literally “The Glory of Ardashir”; is an ancient city and capital of FiruzAbad. It is well noted that this city is surrounded by mud and moat that has been left from Parthian Empire. Read More


Abiyaneh village of Esfahan

One of the highlights of trip to central Iran is visiting Abiyaneh village which dates back to 640 AD when Zoroastrians moved to this area which is surrounded by Karkas mountain.
The name of villages comes from Ancient language of Iranians that is called Sassanid Pahavi which is translated into resources of water. However all locals named the village after settling down into Harpak which comes from the name of fire temple in this village. Read More

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