Prince Garden

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Prince garden (locally called Bagh-e shazde) is one of the most well-known gardens of Persia that has been lying down in desert. It is also known as the largest gardens of Iran.

Prince garden dates back to Qajar period in 1850, especially during Naser-o-din Shah’s kingdom. He has been heading toward Iraq during his kingdom and decided to build a garden in the middle of nowhere in order to have a proper place in silk route.

He ordered to Mohamad Hassan Khan as the local governor of Mahan for building prince garden with several palaces in this location. People are of the opinion that this local governor was not friendly at all with anyone neither with artists who had been hired for this project.

It took them about 7 years to go forward for this garden suddenly this guy passed away and everyone quit the job. Back & forth, several artists came to complete this project in about 11 years but it never met the completion.

As this is considered as the largest garden of Iran, even back then, they were aiming to build it based on Persian Garden Style. While you walk randomly in this garden you will be exposed to this structure; main palace, a little balcony, a big pong in front of the building, fountains, and all trees are in the side of these fountains.

There is a huge difference between this garden and others as this is a fruit garden comparing to other ones that are mostly botanical. There is a huge source of water that comes from Hezar Mountain into this garden by underneath water channels and flows out to the city of Mahan.

It’s well noted that in 2011, this garden aside from other Persian gardens such as Eram garden, Dowlat Abad garden, etc was registered as a piece of Ancient Persian Garden. Today, it is a fabulous place to get a ponder while you stay either in Mahan or Kerman especially in April that are flowers and trees are blooming.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend vising this garden in the morning while you stay in Mahan in order to visit all lines of trees as well as having Persian tea in this garden.

Prince garden of Mahan
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