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Welcome to Jewelry Gallery of Tehran that is known as one of the largest ones in the world. Are you Looking for visiting something very especial while you stay in Iran? Let’s get acquainted with Jewelry gallery (locally called Jewelry museum or Crown Jewels museum) that represent priceless pieces items of Iranian kingdoms from 17th century till 20th century.

It’s interesting to know most of Iranian kings and monarchs were always interested in collecting jewels form all over the world, especially in Safavid dynasty that they have been working on this for 2 centuries and brought them all to Esfahan.

They have been buying these items mostly from India (sometimes it was invaded), Ottomans, France, Italy, etc. Although they have been paying a huge amount of money for them at the end of Safavid, Sultan Hosein gave them all to Afghans in order to survive himself.

Back and forth, In Afshari dynasty, Nader Shah (who is an Iranian version of Napoleon), contacted Indian kings to send back all the items, but they refused to do this. Nader shah got anxious and decided to attack india and brought back most of the items, especially See of Light and Mountain of Light.

However, some of these items were robbed while he was coming back to Iran, or some amount of them were passed to his army, neighbors, but he decided to preserve the famous two pinkish diamonds. Unfortunately, there was a gap between Afshar dynasty and Zand dynasty, that helped invaders to send back some of the same items.

In Qajar period some of those priceless items attached to throne of Fat’h Ali Shah which was called Peacock Throne or some of them attached to Golden Globe during Naser-o-din Shah kingdom.

In Pahlavi era, in order to valuate Iranian currency, some of them are brought to National Bank of Iran and became available for visit from 60 years ago. Some of the famous items of this museum are: Sea of Light which is the largest and the most precious item of this museum and is displayed in the middle line of this museum.

It’s well noted that this diamond has been discovered in about a millennium CE. It’s 7 qirat.

Mountain of light, that is attached to crown of Queen Victoria, Golden Globe which is displayed in middle line and consists over than 53000 items. There are several diamonds, emeralds, brilliants, etc that are all the largest one across the globe.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting time table to this museum as it is opened from Sat till Tue from 2 to 4 pm.

Kiani Crown of Jewelry museum
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