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There is no doubt that  one of the most well-known Iranian cuisines is Tahchin which has been translated into “Putting everything at the bottom”,however, people would shape this food in different way but the most common shape is a Cake. It is amazingly delicious but the most exciting part of this food is how to shape that looks like a cake. Let’s follow us  how it works:


  • Half of a Chicken
  • Yoghurt
  • Saffron
  • 4 eggs
  • Rice (5 cups)

First of all, we need to cook chicken for about an hour and half in order to make this very tender. At the same time we would put 5 cups of rice in a big bowl of water for a short period such as 20 minutes which very much depends on type of rice to be drench while we are boiling water in a pot. Later on we would put the rice in boiling water.

It has to be cooked till it becomes soft (usually about 15-20 minutes is enough). Then we take out rice from hot water. In other hand, we would try to mix the rest of ingredients all together such as mixing saffron with water an sugar. Then we warm up a bit this mix till sugar gets absorbed in saffron.  This would help us to have a better color or outcome.

we also need to mix three spoons of Yughort with saffron as well as olive oil. Then we have to add 2 eggs and 2 yolks into this mix as well as having  some salt for taste of the food (usually one spoon of salt is enough).  We are approaching the most amazing part of the cooking which is mixing the all  items with accurate because all have to be well mixed. There are several ways to put this back in the pot  and it very much depends on cook how to put them in. It can be layered  or can be all together at the same time.

What we suggest is oiling the bottom of pot in order to make this very soft and avoid getting stuck. Culturally people would put shredded chicken on top of this layer but it has been seen in other cities cooks would put pieces of chicken on top of this layer at some point.  Then we would put the rest of mix on top of chicken layer.  The surface of this mix has to be flatted by back of spoon. We have to cook this for about 45 minutes and afterward we have to cool this pot down for about 10-12 minutes. It is well noted that for overturning this pot we have to ensure this pot is cooled enough by shaking this pot and afterwards we would overturn this on a tray to preserve the shape such as a cake.

There are several ways for dressing up the crunchy part of Tahchin. we have mix barberries with sugar and boil it until sugar is absorbed. we would put them on surface which can be mixed by almond or pistachios.

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