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Tape Hasanlu

Hasanlu of Mahabad

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Welcome to ancient Civilizations of Iran
Tape Hasanlu is one of the most popular ancient sites of Iran that has been excavated in early 20th century by an American archaeologist, however, there were several teams of archaeologists from all over the globe.

It’s located in the Hasanlu village on the way of Urmia to Mahabad. There are several studies about civilizations of this region and it is worth studying for archaeologists in terms of finding several layers of civilizations especially the particular layer which dates back to 9th century that has been frozen back then.

The height of this ancient hill is about 25 m that leads us to think, it might have been a fort in the middle by having a round defense wall which looks like about 600m. What makes visiting this site very fascinating is it was inhabited for continuously from 6th century BC to the 3rd century AD which means during this period the famous Gold Bowl has been produced.

From Archaeological point of view
Although there were several illegal/commercial digging in this area and many priceless objects were moved to European/American museums by dealers the site was first dug by Aurel Stein in 1936 for the first study. Later on several archaeological teams started excavating these hills in 10 seasons from 1956 till 1974.

As it was mentioned this site is one of the most important and valuable spot in terms of finding several information about lifestyle of people, architecture, civilizations, etc. all excavators are of the opinion that this site has to be divided into 10 layers which leads us to at least 10 occupation history based on natire of materials that have been found Especially from Neolithic till Iron age.

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