Taq-e Gara

Taq-e Gara of Sar-e Pol Zahab

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We are willing to well introduce kermanshah and its potentials.
Taq Gara is one of the most ancient sites of Iran that is located in vicinity of Sar-e pol zahab as this trading route connected Iran to Mesopotamia.

Although the external decoration of the structure looks like Persian buildings, internal decoration confirms this monument is from Sassanid. However, some of the archaeologists strongly believe this belongs to Parthian empire but the strongest evidence depicts this is from late sassanian dynasty, particularly Khosrow II.

There are several stories about usage of this building, and nobody knows certainly what is was used for, however, most of archaeologists are of the opinion that this spot used to be a watching tower at the border along the trading route toward Mesopotamia.

It’s been an active tower over the past centuries on Pataq gorge till the trading route was changed in 18th century and this one got abandoned.

Today, this is one of the tourist attractions of kermanshah and yearly, many domestic tourists driving pass this tower, especially those who drive toward Kurdistan of Iraq need to take a detour road for about few hundred meters to reach this remarkable site.

Taq-e Gara of Sar-e Pol Zahab
Long Shot view of the tower

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