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There is always a discussion about where to see in Iran for 2nd trip, especially less touristy spots. We would highly recommend to visit eastern Iran which has a lot of similarities with other Silk Route countries such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikestan. Taybad is one of those cities that its locals are amazingly friendly and warm-hearted.

It’s geography location would help those who are looking for travling on Silk Route countries to cross border easily from Iran to Afghanistan through Islam Qala custom.

Historical sites:
Many people would like to visit untouched destinations and apparently traveling to Taybad would give this feeling that we are in different planet. We would highly recommend to visit these historical sites, however, some of them are at the entrance of city or maybe reachable by a short excursion.

  1. Arzaneh waterfall
  2. Jowzaghan historical site
  3. Robat Abbas Abad
  4. Robat Sangi
  5. Malin historical city
  6. Pashteh village
  7. Mowlana mosque
  8. Khaje Abdollah tomb

It’s interesting to know about the profession of people who live in such a tiny town. Regarding to history of this region, most of locals were farmers and used to grow Melons and watermelons that are quite fresh and juicy. However, the 2nd main business in this area is working on Saffron farms that is one of the premium qualities of saffron in all over Iran.

It would be a unique experience to stay with local families in Taybad in order to being exposed to local culture and lifestyle, however, there are few decent hotels in this town that may some people prefer to stay in.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend to visit this city in spring or early summer because of having pleasant weather and meeting friendly locals would give decent feeling to travelers who are looking for visiting unique and untouched destinations.

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