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Tekiyeh Biglar Beigi

Tekiyeh Biglar Biegi of Kermanshah

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Tekiyeh Biglar beigi is one of the most beautiful historical sites of Kermanshah that has been maintained from Qajar era. It’s been built by order of Mr. Abidollah Khan (his nickname was Biglar Beigi) in order to have the most magnificent house of the city.

This Tekiyeh is very well known for having several connected rooms, mirror room and big courtyards. Despite using this mansion as residential house, the owner decided to change the function of this mansion to Hoseiniyeh (place where ceremony of hossein is provided by a group of people).

People are of the opinion that this structure of the mansion was very common to what we have seen in the rest of country and very much depicts it’s from Qajar dynasty. Biglar Beigi mansion has three different entrance gates in different streets but the main one was in eastern side that its façade is very well decorated by Moqarnas and stucco.

by going through the corridor, you will be exposed to the main courtyard that is surrounded by different several connected rooms. This courtyard was used for having ceremony in 10 days during Moharam.

There are 2 more gates in southern face of the mansion that lead us toward private rooms. Generally, this mansion has 24 rooms in 2-floor building. The ground floor rooms are available from courtyards but 2nd floor rooms are reachable by only one stairs from inside.

It’s well noted that 2nd floor was used by locals as a safe box in order to preserve documents and holy books. Relatively recently, this mansion was renovated and turned to be a museum of inscript and books.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend visiting this mansion as “Must-SEE” location of Kermanshah and get a ponder in this courtyard by having a Persian tea.

Tekiyeh Biglar beigi of Kermanshah
Mirror hall

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