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How does internet look like in Iran?

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Nowadays connecting to friends & family through social media has turned to be very necessary especially for traveling to an unknown destinations such as Iran, people very much like to tell everyone else what they are up to.

Here in Iran there is a possibility of using free wifi in most of public places such as hotels, cafes as well as restaurants in any city and internet speed may vary from any city to one another because of running internet by different operators. Hotels have different policies for sharing internet with their guests, some of them may allow all travelers to use free wifi during their stay or maybe 200 megabytes of free internet at the beginning and the rest of usage has to be paid.

There is also possibility of buying a data sim card in Iran by just having a valid ID card such as passport. There are 3 major data operators in Iran that data coverage is decent everywhere in Iran. The cost of sim card may vary from any city to one another even if its from the same operator but the coverage is similar and very quickly will be activated. It can be about 6 to 7 USD for a sim card.

We would highly recommend to purchase a data package in order to utilize internet after sim card is bought. Apparently buying a sim card from Irancell is a first choice as there are several places in the city would sell it even at the airport on arrival there is a possibility of buying an activated sim card. This operator’s coverage is very good and even in tiny villages you can enjoy using data.

We would highly recommend to take Rightel sim card that has a decent network coverage even on the roads there is a possibility of using 4g internet. The last option is MCI that has excellent coverage for phoning but its internet coverage is not sufficient.

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