Top 7 activities to do while you travel to Iran in spring

top 7 activities to do in iran, Iran in seven days

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Apparently when we discuss about Iran, it reminds us beautiful places to visit that are very well known for their architectures and history. Traveling to Iran in spring which is one of the most important traveling season for Iranian families as they all celebrate New Year in late March, gives everyone a decent feeling to visit historical sites and extraordinary landscapes.

There is no doubt that visiting Eram garden is one of the top 7 activities to do while you travel to Iran in spring as it is registered as world heritage sites in 2011. It is very well known for its local plants such as orange tress that all will be blooming by then and makes everyone satisfies to be there.

Another place that we would recommend to visit is, Persepolis which dates back to 517 BC that was a place where Iranians celebrated Nowruz with everyone from all over the world then. It is very well known for its relieves and decoration as well as its magnificent pillars.

Probably traveling to Yazd is exceptional in terms of being exposed to different architecture and design as well as visiting its sacred fire temple that its royal flames has been burning non-stop for 1500 years. It has been preserved by Iranian Zoroastrians in order to present this ancient culture and religion of ancient kings of Persia.

Visiting Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Esfahan is another spot that everyone has to see during spring which is very well known for its 7 colored tiles for façades of mosques as well as its beautiful gardening of Royal Square. We would highly recommend to take a day trip to Abiyaneh village where Zoroastrians have set up this villages back in 640 AD in order to protect themselves from invaders.

It is quite interesting to see ordinary people who speaks ancient Pahlavi language and dress up traditionally as well as its pinkish design. Traveling to Fin garden of Kashan is always exceptional in terms of providing us an image how ancient Persian Garden looks like and is very interesting because many travelers called this city a pearl of desert in terms of having a greenery property in the heart of desert.

It has been always a fascinating place to visit even for monarchs back in 17th century. While you visit Tehran we would recommend to take a look in northern part of the city especially at Ferdows Garden that has been a seat of Prime Minister in Qajar dynasty. It’s very famous for its Iranian-European architecture however, the function of this property has been changed to Cinema Museum and it is run by locals.

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