Iran West Trip

Duration :   12 Days 11 Nights
The Price :   $681
Max People :    25
Age Range :   15-70
Total Seats :  25/25
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Are you looking for visiting Iran for 2nd time but don’t have any idea where to go? Let’s get acquainted with Iran West Trip that enables everyone from all over the world to enjoy being with friendly locals despite visiting historical sites.

Iran west Trip can also be done as long as Iran Cultural tour, however, you can stay longer as there are several untouched spots in this flank of Iran. In This trip, people will also be able to experience cultural activities such as local celebrations in Kurdistan, Kermanshah and villages that are in vicinity of New Zagros.

Our trip will get underway from Tehran Airport toward Qazvin, Zanjan, Ardabil, Tabriz, Tekab, Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Ilam in 12 days. As we are over landers, we will endeavor making a loop in order to visit more of Western Iran because we love being on the Road.

Another point we can make is, having local cuisines that people of western Iran are very well known for being a decent chefs. You will be lucky to be invited by them into their houses for having a meal together. Then you will be exposed to several decent Persian Dishes. This could be a unique experience.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend putting this trip in your bucket list if you are looking for being in less touristy destination despite visiting unesco sites as well as extraordinary landscapes.

Schedule Details

Day 1: Tehran
Landing at IKIA, meet your guide and get transferred to Hamedan that is known as Gate of Civilizations. En route visit Alisadr water cave as the largest ones in middle east.
Day 2: Hamedan
City tour will get underway by visiting Avicenna Tomb, Baba Taher tomb, Esther & Mordecai tomb as well as Hegmataneh ancient city. In the afternoon visit Ganjname resort.
Day 3: Kermanshah
Drive toward Kermanshah, one of the earliest civilizations of Iran, en route visit Kangavar ancient temple as the 2nd largest stone monuments of Iran that dates back to Parthians. Visit Also Bistoun complex where it is a world heritage site that contains several reliefs from ancient days of Persia, Anahita Temple of Parthians.
Day 4: Kermanshah
City tour of Kermanshah gets underway by visiting Moaven-ol-Molk & Biglar Beigi Tekiyehs, Taq-e Bostan as well as Old Bazaar.
Day 5: Ilam
Drive toward one of the most wonderful destinations of Iran, Where it is known as Bride of Zagros. En route visit Raziyaneh Canyon and Kaferi Gorge. In the afternoon visit Old castle of the city as well as Zingan cave.
Day 6: Ilam
Take an excursion toward Bahram-eChoobin gorge as well as Gav-mishan Bridge.
Day 7: Sanandaj
Our journey gets underway by visiting Palangan village, Uraman County as well as Kamyaran city
Day 8: Tekab/Tabriz
Today, we will suggest morning city tour of Sanandaj including Asef Mansion, Old Bazaar, Museum etc. At noon drive toward one of the most impressive historical sites of Iran, Takht-e Soleyman. Visit this marvelous ancient site and then drive toward Tabriz.
Day 9: Tabriz
Tabriz city tour will get underway by visiting Azerbaijan Museum, Blue Mosque, Old Bazaar, Constitution House, Garous House as well as Eil Goli Lake-House.
Day 10: Ardabil
Free morning in Tabriz. At noon drive in few hours toward Ardabil and upon arrival visit Mausoleum of Sheikh Safi as a world Heritage Site, Old bazaar as well as Friday Mosque. Have a nice meal in the old bathhouse that is converted into a restaurant.
Day 11: Qazvin
Drive toward Zanjan, visit Soltanieh Dome as a world Heritage site and in the afternoon visit Chehel Sotoon Palace of Qazvin, Cantor Church, Old street, Sa'ad-ul-saltaneh caravansaries.
Day 12: Excursion
An excursion to Alamut valley, where it is known for Esmaili Group. Visit The castle and surrounding. Have a welfare dinner in Qazvin.
Day 13: Departure
Travelers will leave the country with sweet memories

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