Shiraz in 3 Days


Shiraz in 3 Days

Duration :   3 Days 2 Nights
The Price :   $463
Max People :    20
Start Location:   Shiraz
Age Range :   15-70
Total Seats :  20/25
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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive historical/modern cities of Iran is Shiraz that attracts everyone from all over the world. In fact this wonderful city is the home of many Iranian and international legends who had been living from ancient days till now. Shiraz in 3 days enables everyone to get ponder of the town and walk randomly in this marvelous city.

Hereby we would like to inform you shortly what you are doing to do in this period as this tour is quite suitable for those who are coming to countries around us and would like to take a short tour of Iran. Or even those who will come to Qatar for world cup 2022 can visit Shiraz very well in between the matches.

Shiraz is very well known among domestic and foreign tourist as a city of Persian Garden and poetry. Some of the most well known gardens are located in shiraz such as Eram garden, Afif Abad garden that are extremely beautiful. According to history of Iran, Persian gardening was one of the most well known methods for designing the palaces and courtyards back in ancient days and even in Islamic Periods.

Despite visiting these extraordinary gardens, we will endeavor covering most of historical sites especially when shiraz was the capital of Iran back in 18th century in Zand Dynasty. Some of the highlights of these golden periods are Karim Khan fortress, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, etc.

Another point we can make  is about, foods and drinks, pastry and sweets, juices and teas. Particularly, in old district of Shiraz there are several cafes and restaurants that are basically old mansions which renovated and converted into the lounges for domestic and foreign tourists to visit and get acquainted with old culture of Shiraz.

Places You’ll See :

Schedule Details

Day 1: Shiraz
The Shiraz city Tour will get underway by visiting gardens of Shiraz including Naranjestan, Eram, Delgosha and Afif Abad. In the early evening visit one of most colorful mausoleums of Shiraz, Ali Ibne hamzeh who was a relatives of the prophet Muhammad. Group will also visit  Tomg of Hafez as he was one of the top 4 poets of Persia back in 14th century.
Day 2: Excursion
Our plan for today is visiting Persepolis as the ancient capital of Persian Empire back in 517 BCE. Enjoy walking randomly among the ruins of Persepolis and get acquainted with ancient architecture. Another Stop will be Naqsh-e Rustam as the cemetery of Persian Monarchs. In the afternoon visit Zand dynasty monuments including Fortress, Mosque and Bathhouse.
Day 3: Shiraz
Morning city tour of Shiraz by visiting Nasir-ol-molk Mosque where it is known as Pink House.  Group will also visit Tomb of Sa'adi another poet of persia who lived back in 13th century.


When is the Best time for this journey?
You can simply book this trip for any season but preferably in Spring or Autumn
How about the hotels?
We will endeavor booking traditional hotels for then in order to get acquainted with local culture too.
How about the payment?
We will be very pleased if anyone who join this tour brings us cash as the tour's bill.
Almost everyone needs Iran tourist visa except during world cup you may not need to get the visa.

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