Spring Photography Tour

Ferdowsi Hotel

Spring Photography Tour

Duration :   16 Days 15 Nights
The Price :   $2.038
Max People :    12
Start Location:   Tehran
Age Range :   16-80
Total Seats :  11/12
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Spring Photography Tour is provided for those professional photographers who are looking for taking excellent shots of every single corner especially those spots that are quite unique & untouched that have great potentials to be promoted.

Of course we would visit Major touristy cities of Iran such as Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd as well as Tehran but our purpose is to go deeply through places that no other operators venture to.

Schedule Details

Day 1: tehran
Landing at ikia, transfer to hotel, visit Golestan palace, Bazaar, and ceramic museum. Late afternoon visit Darband  
Day 2: Alamut Valley
A nice drive toward Alborz mountain chain and visit Assassin castle at Alamut valley which dates back to 14th century. On the way to Assassin castle visit Ovan lake which is surrounded by cherries trees
Day 3: Zanjan
Drive back to Qazvin and visit Sa’ad ul Saltaneh ancient trading center, cistern, Chehel Sotoun palace, Friday mosque. Early afternoon drive toward Zanjan and visit Sultaniyeh Dome as a world heritage site which dates back to Ilkhanid period
Day 4: Sanandaj
Drive toward capital of Iranian Kurdistan Province that is the home of the most hospitable people of Iran. En route visit Takht-e Soleyman fire temple which dates back to Persian Empire and known as Azar Faranbagh temple.
Day 5: Sanandaj
Morning city tour of Sanandaj including Khosrow Abad mansion, Asef Mansion, Bazaar, Historical bathhouse. In the afternoon visit Abidar resort.
Day 6: Uraman
Our Journey will get underway by visiting one of the most beautiful villages of Iran that is called Uraman where it is very well known for its unique architecture, friendly people as well as extraordinary landscape. Our purpose is visiting this village, Pir-e shaliar as well as gardens.
Day 7: Selin
A short drive toward villages of Belbar and Selin that their nature is quite unique.
Day 8: Kermanshah
Drive in few hours toward another Kurdish province of Iran, visit Taq-e Bostan, Moaven ul Molk Tekkiyeh as well as Biglar Beigi old mansion. Historical bazaar is quite exciting and have several exciting objects.
Day 9: Hamedan
Drive toward Hamedan, the gate of civilizations. En route visit Anahita temple as the 2nd largest ancient building of Iran.
Day 10: Hamedan
Hamedan city tour will get underway by visiting Avicenna tomb, Baba Taher tomb, Esther & Mordecai tomb and Ganj Name resort.
Day 11: Kashan
Drive in few hours to Kashan, the pearl of desert. Visit historical mansions, Fin garden and bazaar
Day 12: Esfahan
Morning drive toward Esfahan, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. Afternoon visit of Main Square and bazaar is our purpose.
Day 13: Esfahan
Full day city tour of Esfahan to visit Royal mosque, Sheikh Lotf Ullah mosque, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Friday mosque
Day 14: Persepolis/Shiraz
Drive toward Shiraz, the city of poetry & gardens. En route visit Persepolis where it was the capital of Persian Empire back in 517 BC.
Day 15: Shiraz
Shiraz city tour will get underway by visiting one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran that is known as Nasir Ul Molk Mosque, known also as Pink house, Naranjestan garden, Karim khan fortress, Hafez tomb
Day 16: Shiraz
Shiraz garden tour will get underway by visiting Eram garden, Afif Abad garden, Delgosha garden
Day 17: Depature
Least but not the last.

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