Tehran City Tour


Tehran City Tour

Duration :   1 Day
The Price :   $70
Total Seats :  18/18

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Enjoy visiting modern district of Tehran by taking Tehran City Tour that gives an excellent feeling how locals live and work in one of the most busiest cities of the world. This city tour includes visiting Carpet Museum, Niavaran Complex, Sa’ad Abad complex as well as Tajrish Bazaar.

Tehran city tour is one the tops tours of our company that can be run almost everyday and starts at 0830 am. what we suggest everyone is making reservations of hotels in the city center in order to have better access to almost everywhere and only for going to northern Tehran, you may need to start  a bit early to ignore getting stuck in the traffic.

This trip is suitable for all All group ages as there are a lot do in each spot such as meeting locals in Tajrish market as well as carpet museum that enables us to meet artists and interact with them. As travel consultants we would highly recommend gathering at entrance of Laleh park of tehran for starting this journey. Our first plan is going to visiting Niavaran Complex  and then visit Sa’ad Abad complex and end up the tour in Carpet Museum in order to save time and lights for photography.

Schedule Details

Day 1: Tehran
Our city tour will get underway by visiting Carpet Museum that presents excellent collection of Iranian rugs and carpets from 17th till 20th century. Afterwards visit Contemporary art museum which allows everyone visiting the most expensive and well known arts from famous artists of the world. Next stop would be Niavaran Complex that has been used by the last Shah of Iran as his private palace in 60s. In the early afternoon visit Sa’ad Abad complex that is located in the north of Tehran in one of the most upscale zones of Tehran that has been used as palace of Reza Shah the founder of Pahlavi dynasty. Our city tour will be ended by visiting Tajrish Bazaar as one of the busiest markets of Iran. It’s very famous for its architecture that is the combination of two types of Iranian architecture.

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