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The spread of COVID-19 taught us that we are very depending on something much bigger than what we think. It has made an unbelievable impact on our lives and especially on travel industry, tourism business in several ways. Even we have been working perfectly with several of you as experts over the last few years.

Although we found ourselves very indefensible in an uncharted territory it helped us to see several items from different perspectives and it’s up to us which perspective we choose.

Let us kindly express our gratitude to all of you, our colleagues, ground partners in all over the world, friends, travelers in our community across the globe in this time of hesitancy and horrific. Your kindness, understanding and sympathy are very much appreciated more than ever.

Currently we are all forced to lock down for an uncertain time and being socially distanced makes us see how lost we were in “busy-ness”. What we believe in is, the reason we are apart today from each other is to remembering freedom and health that we were taking granted.

It has made unpleasant lives for many of us in all over the world as we are not used to this life style in order to give well to one another. But we can assure you the whole world will change and we will come back soon to exploring new destinations together and making unforgettable memories again when it is safe in near future so.

Very soon in following days we will have live video call with our ground partners in Australia, Belgium, Italy and France in order to discuss about the future of tourism and travel industry and everyone is very delighted to join us and question us about his concerns & preferences.

What we supposed to do is, to run our tours in upcoming months and rescheduling them from June 2020 and hope to see you all soon. Follow our facebook page in order to get more details from us.

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