Eram Garden

eram gardem the loveliest garden of Iran

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Let’s take a look at Eram garden that represents ancient Persian garden style and registered as a world heritage site.

There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful spots in Shiraz is Eram garden that dates back to early 12th century during Seljuk. Name of Eram comes from ancient Persian language which has been translated to Heaven in English translation.

Shiraz has been chosen always as summer capital in terms of its pleasant weather and several monarchs were of the opinion that this garden was just the right place to stay along Silk Route countries. This was the reason that it had been chosen as summer capital in Seljuk periods till Mongolians invaded Iran in 14th century however, for a little while it was preserved by Shiraz mayor but unfortunately it was damaged very harsh.  There are not enough information about this garden in following centuries especially in 15th & 16th centuries.

Due to tribal issues in north of Shiraz, this garden was not well maintained and was sold several times among Nomads or even it was given as a wedding gift from a family to one another until 19th century that by order of King Naser, also known as Naser al Din Shah Mr. Nasir Al Molk who was one of the merchants of Shiraz bought this garden from nomads and well sorted out all tribal issues in order to preserve the Shiraz treasure.

Since then it has become one of the most important & largest garden of Iran in order to host all excellencies of Iran or from any European countries all around the year for especial occasions. All locals or even mayors of Shiraz decided to have mostly an orchards however, in late 20th century when this garden was sold to Shiraz University, the idea of preserving was changed into having a botanical garden instead, which has today a decent collections of flowers, trees as well as plants.

What makes visiting this garden very especial is visiting Sarv-e Naz tree that is one of oldest and prettiest cypress trees of the garden which is stood nearby the pool in front of the main building. It attracts many travelers from all over the world to have a pleasant visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the garden as well as its flora variation.

We would highly recommend to visit this garden in spring when all trees and flowers are blooming which provides a nice feeling by walking in different paths randomly. You may believe or not that this garden is one of the loveliest places of the around especially for Valentine’s Day.