Nasir-ol-molk Mosque

nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz, where to visit in iran for first trip,

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Nasir-ol-Mulk Mosque, Also known as Pink house, is a Qajari mosque of Shiraz that is located in the old district and has been built by one of the great businessmen of shiraz, Mr. Nasir-ol-Molk. The architect of this mosque was Mr. “Hasan memar” and tile producer and tiles worker were Mr. Mohamad reza”.

Upon arrival to mosque, beautiful façade of mosque was decorated with lyrics of local poem and its ceiling is designed by Moqarnas (Persian type of decoration that has been used for beauty of the construction) and tiles. What makes visiting this mosque very fascinating is, pinkish tiles very stunning.

Such as the all mosques across the country, this one has two praying rooms that are all seasonal and glassware’s on sashes of summer hall is very stunning. Summer hall is a 12 columned hall that design of pillars are similar to Zand dynasy back in 18th century. However, the rest of walls and ceiling are mostly tiled and all are in pink and yellow.

Especially in middle row of ceiling that all patterns look like Medallion design that represents the unification of Muslims. Apart from this, in most of tiles inside the halls and even courtyard, there are several pictures of European buildings such as castle & churches which represents the combination of Iranian-European architecture.Nasir-ol-molk Mosque of Shiraz, Pink Mosque,

Inside the court yard, while you walk around you will be faced with a very engineering tact of designing that some piece of woods has been used to make the building very dynamic in order to protect the building for earthquake. This technique are visible in both Iwans of the mosque.

Another praying hall of the mosque has been used as a winter hall, or even it is called conference hall too that leads everyone toward a wonderful water system of Shiraz. It is called Gav-Chah. This system enables everyone to access the water from a deep well and water was sent to other sides of this mosque. Aside from this, locals had this access to catch the water from backyard door.

It’s well noted that decoration of this mosque was quite unique back in a time, such as having a huge clock and bell that were very noisy. They were both moved to another location.

As travel consultant we would highly recommend to this mosque as a MUST-SEE while you stay in Shiraz and even if possible to visit it in the morning, would be amazingly beautiful in terms of being exposed to sun reflection of inside the summer hall.