Persepolis of Shiraz

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There is no doubt that one of the most highlights of trip to Iran is visiting Persepolis for everyone for its extraordinary decorations and reliefs. It has been built by Darius I and Cambyses II who was the son of Cyrus the great back in 524BCE.

The history this massive structure refers to 524 BC when Cyrus the great was murdered in a battle with locals of northwest Persia. His Son Cambyses and Darius Decided to respect him and don’ take his capital to pay respect to him and were looking for a proper spot which finally found it at the foot of Mehr Mountain that is very sacred.

Persepolis is a Greek name but the original name of the place is parse according to inscriptions that are carved inside the building. Darius and Cambyses started building their own palace and city in addition to moving people from other cities to here as well. In a short time, it became the largest city of the world under the sun.

What make the Persepolis very exceptional by going through the ruins of palaces is being exposed to different architectures from all over the ancient Persia including Babylon, Egypt, Greece and all locals. It is quite interesting to see how the elements of architectures have been changed to stylize them as Persians.

It is really worth visiting this place in the morning and randomly walking would take a while to enjoy visiting such a enormous site. It has been forgotten by local for centuries till 95 years ago that several archaeologists from all over the world came to Iran to discover it and changed the name as soon as original name has been found. It has been registered as a world heritage from 1979 and it’s one of the most beautiful sites of Iran.

As travel agents, we will highly recommend visiting Persepolis in out weekly tours that departs from Shiraz in order to get acquainted with local culture and history