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Valli Castle

Vali castle of Ilam

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Vali castle is one of the most well-known tourist attractions of Ilam that has been built in 19th century.

This Qajari mansion brings the attention of everyone who come to visit Ilam as its location is on hills, however, in the old days, here was almost out of the city and being above the hills with the height of approximately 4 m, was a wonderful feeling.

Nowadays, city was expanded and several buildings have been built around. It’s been mentioned, Vali Palace has been built for summer vacation and one of the main items in this palace is, its water system that brought the water toward this castle from a spring which is in vicinity of the palace.

Although this is one of historical sites of ilam lack of well promoting caused, this vali castle has not gained high rate of visitors over the last few years.

there are several rooms and halls in this building, especially in the main hall (locally called Shah Neshin) a marvelous marble pond has been built with a tiny fountain in the middle in order to make an authentic atmosphere. Unfortunately, due to the long drought over the last decades, the spring got dried but this pond was preserved as the part of architecture.

It is interesting that most of the rooms had similar design and patterns as well as mansions in central Iran. For example, sashes, balconies, glazed tiles, etc are all wonderful in this complex. Another point we can make is this complex was badly damaged during the war with Iraq back in 1980s and it took artists 2 years to renovate.

Since then it has become an anthropology museum of the city. In another way, most of the rooms, were connected and divided into private and public rooms that were totally 20.

According to the inscription at the entrance of palace, name of the artist who built and designed the complex was, Mr. Ali Kermanshahi who did this fabulous job by order of local ruler in collaborate with Mr. RezaQoli stucco worker. The purpose of having such place was to protect their harims during local wars back then.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this palace while you are in Ilam as “MUST_SEE” in order to get acquainted with local culture and architecture.

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