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West Trekking Tour

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Are you looking for a trekking tour to Iran ?
Let’s get acquainted with West Trekking Tour of Iran that is the home of adventurous, especially those who are interested in exploring new destinations.
What makes traveling to west of Iran very especial is, being exposed to extraordinary landscapes, amazingly friendly people as well as beautiful historical sites.

In another way, this trip enables attendances joining local cultural events such as #pirshaliar in uraman county that is the home of Iranian Kurds.

After running several group tours with our #italian partner in central & south of Iran, we are very delighted to announce we are going to run this trip together in late June 2020.
This is suitable for all group ages and its difficulty rate is 3 out of 5. It’s well noted that #massey , our Iranian-american tourist, took this trip with us in Nov 2019 and very much enjoyed #hospitality of locals as well as #travelingroute. She also mentioned this trip to Iran has been particularly good despite all negative news in Media globally and she was not expecting this fabulous trip so far, however, she has been dreaming to visit of Iran for years.

As a result, What makes traveling to this flank of Zagros mountain very delighted is, being exposed to new lifestyle of Iranian Kurds that are known as the most hospitable Iranians that have ever seen. Especially in trekking days, locals would be very interested in attending groups to assure them everyone is enjoying.

Please kindly contact us by either info@persiatravelingcenter.com or Whatsapp us by +98(0)9215657727 in order to get the detailed program.

Iran West Trekking Tour


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