Where will you travel when it is safe?

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where will you travel when it is safe? That’s a question we all are thinking about it and are discussing over the last weeks through different live programs online.

Traveling to a unique destination has been always a big discussion for all of us across the globe and we made all travel arrangements for visiting particular spots and put them all in our bucket lists, however, by staying home in this crisis time, we just remember our wonderful memories or even plan for later.

Traveling has its own place in our lives as we all were struggling to find different places and put them in our bucket list to go before this crisis time in order to being exposed to wonderful local cultures and lots of items to experience. We all were used to plan by either ourselves or travel agents in order to find better travel services and experience wonderful items.

Although, we all stayed at home for a long period this year and many travels got canceled or postponed to sometimes later in 2020 or so, but searching for new places to go after this crisis time will never stop and most of us are looking for traveling to new destinations when it is safe.

We all suggest traveling to Iran from June 2020, as it is getting safe in most of provinces very soon in upcoming month that are low risk for everyone. Here we listed some of the worth visiting spots in Iran for any travelers;

  1. Persepolis
  2. Naqsh-e Jahan Square
  3. Takht-e Soleyman Temple
  4. Rudkhan castle,
  5. Eram Garden
  6. Historical mansions,
  7. Towers of Silence,
  8. Shushtar hydraulic system
Tours to Persia

As travel agents, we would recommend visiting Iran from Sept 2020 and start planning your journey from now in order to experience wonderful places, meeting extremely locals aside from having wonderful dishes.

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