White Waterfall

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There are several activities to do in Loristan and people would like to visit several untouched spots but there is no doubt that one of the most impressive waterfalls of Iran is White waterfall (locally called Abashar-e Ab-sefid) of Loristan.

White waterfall is one of the highest falls of Iran that is located in Aligudarz county along the road of ChaharMahal-Esfahan province. The water of this fall comes from the mouth of cave which is mostly based on melted snow. The height of this fall is about 70 m and 8 m width.

In regards with its names several stories have been mentioned but the most reliable one is based on its drops of water that fall on stones and make white bubbles. Yearly, several domestic and foreign tourists would like to visit this location, as reaching this spot is quite easy than others and even not fit travelers can have a nice walk toward this fall.

You may ask yourself when to travel to this province as there are several outdoor activities. Our company, will suggest traveling to Loristan in spring and summer because you can schedule better where to see and things to do with ease.

Another point we can make is about its plantation, that is quite unique and particularly, from this region which catches the eyes of everyone. Most of its plantation ae walnut & oak trees, but several types of plants are there as well. In regards with its reaching, there are few routes to get in to this fall, by transferring from Aligudarz about 50 km toward this fall and start walking toward this lake from new route.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this location as one of top 10 things to do in Loristan by taking paved route toward this fall.

Ab-sefid waterfall of Loristan
Side view of Waterfall

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