Wind-catchers of old district


Wind-catchers of old district

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Yazd, The oldest adobe city of the world. It’s one of the ancient cities of Persia that has been always a hub for people and traders on Silk Route. The golden age of Yazd dates back to Sassanid in 221 AD till 639 AD. The name of the city has been picked up from the name of last emperor who was Yazdgerd III. 

This city is very popular for residing ancient religion of Persian kings, Zoroastrianism and still contains the largest community of Zoroastrians as they are very friendly people who have the their own fire temple for practing their own religion, Traditions and culture that is very fascinated for other Iranians who come to visit. 

We would highly recommend to visit this city for few days and take few days trips as it has this potential to represent ancient history of Iran.

Things to do:
People usually take the city of this tour and apparently the highlights would be: Towers of Silence as a burial spot, Fire temple which is absolutely wonderful and non-stop burning, Water museum that represents how ancient people were hard workers to for bringing water from mountains to city, Friday mosque which is also known as Jame’e Mosque from 14th century as well as walking through old district is very interesting to be exposed to the culture and old houses and mansions. You may get a chance to go on roof of particular house and visit spectacular view of city where it is called, “the forest of Wind-catchers”.

There are always possibilities for those who are interested in learning from ancient history. We would suggest to take a day trip to Meybod which represents the oldest castle of Iran, Chak Chak as the holy temple of Zoroastrians and Khanaraq village which covered village.

Apart from that, going on Safari tour is another possibility of traveling to Yazd because of being very close to Bafq city which is very well known for its high sand dunes that are all absolutely fantastic for adventurous.

Sweets and pastry:
It is well noted that Yazd is one of the most well-known cities of Iran in terms providing several types of sweets and pastry that are all very delicious. Although most of Yazd citizens are on diabetes, still their sweets are top ranked sweets in all over the country. Let us introduce to you some of the famous ones including: Baqlava, Loaz, Qotab, Haji Badam, Candies as well as cup cakes that are all available in every single shop.

As a travel consultant we would highly recommend everyone to visit Yazd in winter, Spring and autumn because of having pleasant weather.

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