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Zinat-ul-Molk Mansion

Zinat ul molk mansion

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Zinat-ul Molk Mansion (locally called Zinat-ul Molk house) is located in old district of Shiraz that is called “Bala kaft” which is in the west of “Naranjestan Garden”. It’s belonged to Qavam family and his sister.

This mansion was connected by an underneath pass way to Naranjestan garden because of privacy and safety of of houses. This building is one of the remarkable buildings of Qajar period in 19th century because of having unique paintings and stucco working on walls and ceiling.

In all mansions of Shiraz, there is lobby in order to make invisible inside of the mansion. Then you reach the courtyard that all rooms are around courtyard and main hall is in western face of the building with its wonderful façade.

This is well decorated with tiles that consists Persian stories. Inside this hall, walls are decorated by small pieces of glasses that were imported from Europe by merchant. Its sash and colored glasses are eyes catching and very elegant.

Other rooms in the rest of building are well decorated by local artists and preserved better than other historical mansions. This building has more than twenty rooms with magnificent designs and paintings and all of them connect to each other. It was part of Iranian architecture to connect all room together.

It’s well noted that all of the rooms had their own storage in basement but in 1980s structure of basement was changed and all of the storages got connected to each other. Later on, it turned to be a museum of anthropology by making lot of statues of Iranian history who were originally from Shiraz.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this mansion with other buildings of Qajar era in our walking tour in order to get acquainted with local culture and history.

Zinat ul Molk Mansion

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